Research the News

004 - The Evolution of Ridiculous News and This Is America

Episode Notes

We talk about how ridiculous news gets passed around and how it begins / A little about Childish Gambino's This is America / Some good news, and a TuPac quote

003 - Rewriting the Headlines (Fake News and Narcissists)

Episode Notes

We rewrite the headlines from both liberal and conservative "news" sites / A little about North Korea and Saudi Arabia / A TuPac quote

002 - Trump's Tweets and Real News

Episode Notes

We're live on iTunes and Google Play / We talk about Trump's Tweets / A little about the real news aka North Korea / A TuPac quote

001 - Michelle Wolf and Bill Cosby

Episode Notes

Intro to the podcast / We talk about Michelle Wolf from the White House Correspondents Dinner / A little about Bill Cosby /A TuPac quote

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